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Third Party Eagles Tailgate

This past Sunday we brought Victoria down to the Lincoln Financial Field for a tailgate with friends and family. It was truly an experience!

Despite being dyed in the wool Eagles fans, neither Ryan nor I had ever been down to the stadium for a tailgate. We knew it was going to be a little crazy, but to say our jaws were on the floor was an understatement. As you can see in this picture, the parking lot was crowded with massive RVs, several times larger than Victoria, plus party buses, school buses, and even a hearse (carrying a skeleton wearing a Tom Brady jersey no less). Despite being one of the smaller RVs on site, she was for sure one of the best-looking, and incredibly unique! When we first pulled into the parking lot, Ryan went to speak to the parking lot attendants to see where we should park. As soon as he left the truck, people started flocking over to Victoria to look in her windows. They were blown away to see a full bar inside.

People really went all-out for their tailgates and Victoria was no exception. We had her decked out with festive Christmas lights, a lighted cinema sign with our drink menu, and we poured Vault Teller Pilsner, Yards Philly Pale Ale and Sir Charles Bone Dry Cider. We ordered 75 hoagies from Primo's and had snacks, cookies, seltzer and waters to keep people fed and hydrated.

It was a freezing cold day, so by the time the game started, a bunch of us were huddled inside on the cozy bench seat, watching the game on a TV we'd brought down and set up with a digital antenna. It was so fun watching the game in the parking lot and hearing all of the other RVs honk their horns every time the Eagles scored. We are so grateful that over 50 people came out and braved the cold and the insanity to support us at our first event. It was a massive success and we can't wait until the next one!

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