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She's Done!

We are so proud to be able to finally say that Victoria is complete!

It's been a long road getting here, filled with sleepless nights, (not too much) blood, (a lot of) sweat and (only one time really) tears. But the results are totally worth it.

Two weekends ago, we drove her out to Chadd's Peak Farm, a beautiful private residence in Chadds Ford, for her first official photoshoot with Ed Williams, a photojournalist we met when he wrote about us for Main Line Today. We were joined by Ryan's parents and our good friends Jason and Monika.

The owners of the residence were so gracious in allowing us to use their property, and even let us take a tour of their barn and kindly invited us to have dinner with them that night. We are so excited about the new people Third Party has brought into our life already and can't wait to meet so many more!

We had such a blast dressing Victoria up to look her best, using string lights from Terrain, and tons of beautiful furniture and decor from Thunderbird Salvage, Jinxed, Facebook Marketplace and our own personal collection. We even used a plaid wool blanket that belonged to my Nana. Head over to our Instagram to see more photos from the shoot and comment to let us know which one is your favorite!

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