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Progress Update

Yesterday we drove up to Hackensack, NJ, for what will probably be our final walk-through of Vicky before we pick her up. Our mechanic wanted us to see all of the guts and bones of Vicky before he installs the skins. The skins are the painted aluminum interior panels that form the "walls" of the trailer. Once the skins go in it will be much harder to make changes to the plumbing and electrical, so he wanted us to confirm that the outlets are where we want them, the plumbing is where we want it, the lights are okay, etc. We also took some measurements now that things are nearing the finish line. We've already ordered much of the bar equipment, but we'll probably end up tweaking the layout a little bit once we actually get her back. And of course we have to order finishes: flooring, cabinets, countertops, the actual bar surface, backsplash and any decorative items we want to install in the interior of the trailer.

The service window, which you can see in the above picture is cut, although it, too, needs to receive an interior skin, recessed LED lighting, and latches.

The most striking change, however, is that she's been polished and is shiny now! She's accumulated a lot of dust from sitting in the shop, but before we pick her up, she'll be cleaned and waxed, so she'll have even more of a mirror finish.

I couldn't be more impressed by the work that's been done on our beloved trailer so far. Our mechanic and his team literally thought of everything. We have a massive custom greywater tank, which he built to accommodate all of the ice melt we'll have. And he rebuilt a significant portion of the chassis to support all of that extra weight. He replaced all of the exterior lights with LEDs that perfectly match the original style of the lights. And all of our interior lights are not only on multiple circuits so that we can create a custom lighting concept, but they are on dimmers as well! The lighting was a big concern of mine. Since many events take place after dark, I wanted the lighting in the trailer to match the lighting of the venue. In other words I didn't want to roll up to a softly lit evening event with our trailer interior looking like a hospital operating room.

Now that we've given our comments and feedback to our mechanic, he is on schedule to install the skins on Monday, a process that will give Vicky a clean finished look that will essentially serve as a blank canvas for us to build on. We are so excited to get Vicky back and complete her transition into Victoria, the regal queen she was always meant to be.

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