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Happy Holidays from Third Party

December was a super exciting time for us. In addition to spending time with friends and family, we had the pleasure of serving a corporate holiday party in our very own neighborhood!

We live in Port Richmond, which, if we're being honest, is pretty much the last place we ever thought we'd bring Victoria. The streets are super narrow, the houses are densely packed together and there's just not a ton of open space, or outdoor event venues. So we were surprised and excited when our client told us their holiday party was going to be about five blocks from our house, at a commercial kitchen and event space called the Water Ice Factory. The Water Ice Factory is owned by River Wards Produce, this amazing produce market in Fishtown, and they use the space as their commercial kitchen, commissary space for other local businesses, and they host art openings, farm-to-table dinners and other special events.

We pulled Victoria up right onto the sidewalk, Philadelphia-style, and opened her service window right into the courtyard of the space. It was a cold night, so the courtyard was tented, and there was a firepit, and string lights, which made the space feel super festive. The venue cooked up vegan po boys, rice, biscuits, bananas foster and a bunch of other amazing food that we didn't have a chance to try because we were busy serving up a full bar with liquor and mixers and bottled wine and beer for a crowd of 50 people.

The biggest challenges? Driving Victoria down the tiny streets, and the cold (I went home halfway through to put on tights under my jeans!) It was literally 19 degrees. On the other hand, we hardly had any ice melt! We were so happy that all the guests went home happy and we were able to be part of a memorable and unique experience that they'll never forget.

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