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Cocktails and Catching Up

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Yesterday we had such a fun day collaborating with my friend Sarah ( to shoot some fun cocktails for our social media and website. Sarah and I used to work together at Beck Institute, before she left to start her food blog and food photography business. When she was at Beck, she worked in communications and fundraising so we worked really closely together, designing mailings and flyers, planning and executing events (like our 25th Anniversary Celebration at the Pennsylvania Masonic Temple) and it was so fun to be able to work with her again in a different capacity.

This was also quite possibly the easiest event we've ever done. Next to the storage facility where we keep Victoria is a large cul de sac and we simply towed Victoria about 2 minutes away from her unit and set up to make 5 cocktails, and shoot some of our favorite local beers and spirits. We were able to carry everything we needed in one liquor box, one cooler and two bus tubs. It was 65 degrees and just a bit overcast, which made for some pretty amazing lighting. Given how cold it can be in January we definitely got lucky.

You know who didn't get lucky? The poor geese in the field next to us who were just trying to enjoy the nice weather and kept getting repeatedly shot at by hunters. Sad to report that not all geese were able to escape being someone's Sunday dinner.

Once we get the photos back, we'll be sharing them and the recipes here, so check back! And in the meantime, go check out!

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